On Top (name pending), improvement for Steam

Elevator Pitch

The idea for my online community is essentially an overlay program for PC games that serves as a real-time support system.  Similar to Steam or xFire, the community could be used and accessed in and out of game.  Rather than be a standalone community website, this would ideally be a plug-in or improvement for Steam or xFire users that allows them to do more while in-game.

Currently, the only support you can access from Steam and xFire’s game overlays  is your friends list, a chat room for the game you’re in, or a web browser which tends to be laggy and difficult to use.  For my idea however, I am going to discuss it more simply as just an add-on to Steam’s current program.  Therefore, my program, which I have come up with the name “OnTop” for, will improve the way PC gamers give and receive video game help.

Mockup 1:

Using a map overlay for help while in-game.

Clan support for OnTop to communicate with teammates more easily.


One thought on “On Top (name pending), improvement for Steam

  1. I hope to see this idea developed further as it had potential. I already remarked that you could expand this to tactical applications for clans as the image above kind of shows and the idea of overlaying live images of the user requesting assistance for anything from marking snipers in Battlefield to saying which tile goes where in RUSH. It had a LOT of potential for further development.

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