Project #3: Part 2

Project 3: Part 2

Liz Diestler, Rhys Saraceni, Jack Tang


The Design Choice

We chose to go with the interactive floors because it is easy to place in unsocial, isolated places like elevators, bus stops, and train stations.  It also is a very minor intrusion to peoples’ daily commutes and would ask permission to access their content titles before displaying them.  To research, we viewed pre-existing interactive floor ideas and prototypes found online.  We found floors that were largely pressure sensitive and ones that involved projections and motion.

This helped our design a bit because we needed help figuring out how the floor would determine where the user is standing and how to stay consistent with where they are.  The only downside to using a system similar to these lit blocks as seen in the pictures is that they cannot articulate the pictures we had in mine of album art or small music notes, words, and so on.

As mentioned before, we chose to have these floors in places like bus stops, elevators, and train station waiting areas because it’s easy to determine where the floors would start and end.  There is already a pre-defined space for a bus stop so the size would have specific presets.

We plan on our device being able to support wi-fi detection for all modern electronics such as E-readers, portable gaming devices, and smart phones with wi-fi capabilities.  The floor would detect the presence of these devices, ask for permission to the user’s content to grab the title, and then reference its own database via updatable storage or wifi to send out samples and information to other users.  Using a pre-set database of titles or wifi to gather information would be a good way to prevent system abuse such as pornography or  unsupported material for the region.

Here is a storyboard of how we would expect a consumer to interact with the product.  He would be walking to the bus stop as usual in his daily commute then notice the “Social Stop” (name pending) is trying to access his device.  Once he says, ‘yes’, the floor checks the title and confirms he is listening to an artist in the database-Tchaikovsky.  The album art then appears under his feet and cool graphics pulse out from beneath him.  Another person awaiting the bus notices his musical tastes and engages in conversation with him.  The great benefit of this system is subtly bringing people together through tastes without being too intrusive or distracting from what they’re usually doing.


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