Observation#4: Call of Duty Black Ops

Observation: Call of Duty Black Ops

Not only was Black Ops rushed to be released by Treyarch who was obviously trying their best under the cracking whip of Activision, it should be obvious by now that their work is completely unlike our favorites such as Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Modern Warfare 2.  What’s wrong with the game, you ask?  There’s a long list of things I noticed right off the bad that I didn’t like about the game:


  • The NPCs in Black Ops look like they did in World at War… like sweaty, souless zombies who are always bug-eyed and scary looking.
  • All of the textures are flat and less rich-looking.  The guns actually look worse than before.
  • The shading and lighting in this one is much more poor than the previous.  There’s no “drama” being created, and everything is very crisp and defined rather than more blurry and cinematic-looking like the Modern Warfare games.
  • The atmosphere of the game overall feels lacking.  In maps like Nuketown it just doesn’t feel convincing enough that this is a new, updated product.


  • The Multiplayer Maps seem quickly thrown together.
  • The AI seem less smart than before.  I literally had to pause the game in the second level of Single Player because if you hang back a little bit (as you are told to follow the NPC) the NPCs will literally run into a room, disregard any form of cover, and break out into a wide open firefight with the enemies until someone gets shot.
  • I’m not going to make a sound category, so I’m going to mention that here.  Where is the sound? I have a SoundBlaster x-treme gamer sound card, so when BFBC2 came out, my ear drums just about exploded.  But it seems that no matter what I do in Black Ops, every gun sounds like it has the potency of a BB Gun and every NPC in the main storyline is literally whispering in my ear.
  • Running seems “heavier” and movements seem less fluid than in Modern Warfare.
  • I’m displeased with the addition of the “RC car” in Multiplayer as a killstreak reward.  Black Ops takes place in a time earlier than Modern Warfare, so somehow it doesn’t make sense to me to add a bomb-strapped remote control toy to the mix.

Well the problems don’t even stop there.  If you are one of the “unlucky few” like me who still spent 60 dollars on their broken product and happen to play with a GTX 260, they only use 1 core to handle graphics apparently.  Therefore, most people’s CPU usage is hiking up to a dangerous 100% while they play.  I even get lag spikes in the MP menu because of this.  So even on the first day, those Treyarch programmers are spending their celebration by fixing what they left undone.  It’s safe to say they knew they were releasing a broken product for 60 dollars and that greatly disappoints me.





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