Project #2: Oblivion Re-design

Project 2: Oblivion Interface


Once we settled on our primary design goals in research, we decided to split up the menu and each create a low-res prototype, one of the Map and one of the Character book.  Here is the powerpoint I created to simulate some basic features of the new map:


The functionality shows you how you’d create a new map marker.  This feature includes choosing the title and color of your map marker.  You can then use the filter to show all of the map markers, or a specific one.  There is also a clear button near the zoom in/out buttons to go to the Local map, replacing the old, ambiguous icons from the original menu.  You are also able to switch between local and world map with the filter and while creating a new map marker.

Some of the feedback we received was that the font was hard to read on the map as some of the titles were a bit small.  I intended to use the original Oblivion font for the design, but could not find the font file for it.  It also lacked zoom in/out functionality but that was because I chose PowerPoint to make the prototype and could not figure out how to implement this feature with its restrictions.


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