Observation #3: The iPhone 3G

Before my girlfriend was kind enough to repair an iPhone 3G for me, I was using the Nokia E71x smart phone.  I have to admit, I was fairly excited to use the shiny black and white Apple product to test its features, apps, and touchscreen.  That said, after my first week of using the iPhone I was restraining myself from chucking it against a wall.

I was able to jailbreak the phone easily enough using Apple’s officially released sn0wleopard.  This allowed me to set a custom Fallout theme which made me happy.  The nokia e71x was very limited in customization in the menu.

My first frustration with the phone was figuring out how to silence it.  I tried going to settings but the options there were fairly ambiguous.  You were able to turn Vibrate on/off for Ring and Silent?  It didn’t make sense.  I tried to lower the ringing volume all the way, but it still rang.  I was then told that you could silence the phone by toggling the mute button on the side of the phone.  Had no one told me, I probably wouldn’t have figured this out for another week or so, but it did seem fairly obvious after that.  However, my girlfriend didn’t fully repair the phone and the toggle switch glitches on and off.  This causes the phone to have seizures on occasion and vibrate in my pocket during lecture.

My other complaint was that I could not find “sent calls” in the recent calls menu.  You can only view received and missed calls.  It was very well organized on my old Nokia but impossible with this new iPhone.  It really upsets me when Apple gets the small things wrong because they boast thousands of features when they can’t even get the basics of a phone right.

While I have a lot of complaints regarding the iPhone, I also enjoy many of its features that my Nokia simply could not give me. The web browsing, for one, is a lot easier and makes it a breeze to check my email from the sofa, in class, or when I can’t pull myself out of bed in the morning.  I like how they organize text messages by contact, making it easy to go back and find things that were said if you’re looking for a specific message.  But I have to say that my favorite feature is the ability to subscribe to podcasts (such as Tiesto, Paul van Dyk, GameTrailers, Machinima) so that whenever I hook up my iPhone to my PC, it will upload the most recent podcasts.  I may complain about the phone a lot, but it offers much more than my Nokia e71x did and as long as I don’t have to pay for a data plan, it comes out the winner.


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