Project #2: Oblivion Interface

Project 2: Oblivion Interface


The first step to re-designing the Oblivion Interface was to go into the game, pull up the menu, and identify its many dated flaws I saw in it as a player.  The easiest way to come up with design improvements off the bat was to draw from my play experience.  I asked myself, what features of the UI were a pain to use?  What did I find helpful?  What sorts of things would have helped me navigate more efficiently?  Here is the list I came up with:


  • Zoom in/out feature for maps
  • Easier map navigation
  • Allow map markers for noting locations, plants, caves that have been explored, etc.
  • Provide map key & more detailed info along with custom markers.

  • More understandable icons (especially chalice quest icons)
  • Bigger scroll bar(current one is small and hard to read)
  • A clearer, more categorized system using tabs with clearly defined sections as opposed to ambiguous symbols.

  • Organize statistics in a more meaningful way (maybe along with the player information?)
  • Organize sections into less tabs to prevent so much ‘tab flipping’.  More concise categories?
  • The menu aesthetically looks like a ‘ye olde clipboard’.  Maybe make it resemble something like a journal or book to seem more realistic to the time/character?
  • Allow for a ‘journal’ function for players to keep notes in… this could be a very useful asset to players considering the world is so large with many names, places, and ideas to keep track of.

  • Organize equipment within categories more specifically to find them (e.g. rings, body, legs, arms)

  • Make map always visible in the menu on the side.
  • Maybe have a map similar to Farcry 2 that the player can pull out to reference in certain places instead of continuously tabbing out which breaks immersion.



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