Project #1 (continued)


Sketching Prototypes

Liz Diestler and Rhys Saraceni

After collaborating on our two lists of 50 brainstormed ideas, we decided to build off of 3 primary upgrades to the coffee vending machine along with some minor bonuses.

1. Touch Screen functionality allowing for multiple possibilities (space saver)
2. Build-a-drink functionality, allowing users to build their coffee a-la-carte (then save the combos for quick access later)
3. More payment options (to allow buzzcard, credit card, gift card, etc.)
4. (bonus) The Old Bean personality. A steampunk robot butler who serves coffee. He would be able to talk to the customer by voice. He will be able to recommend beverages, notify the user of current news and RSS feeds, and just chat (to an extent) about weather and current non-offensive topics.

We developed 3 sketches of prototypes for the Old Bean machine.

This first machine emphasizes speed. Some users don’t want to spend a lot of time at the Old Bean in the morning and just grab their brewed coffee and be on their way. This is the more simplified design to satisfy that demographic. He also has a recycling bin in his mouth.

This second design puts more emphasis on a “hang out” spot. Stools and a bar on the back side of Old Bean for relaxation. An assembly line allowing for multiple users to create their drinks at once allowing for more efficiency. Of course the cons of this would be some people don’t want to spend the time to go through the line. There could be some presets for brewed coffee and pre-made recipes to allow users to not have to wait through the whole line. There’s a possibility that one person could “jam” up the line, but that happens with vending machines already anyway, so it’s not a new problem that we are creating.

This third design is more of a humanoid looking machine that would certainly draw customers’ attentions. We wanted to give it a strong personality to give people more incentive to use the Old Bean over Starbucks or the coffee served in the student center.

Here are some critiques we received after our presentation in class Thursday, the 16th. There weren’t any strong critiques on the core idea of the Old Bean machine, but minor suggestions to support a wider variety of customer wants involving HCI.


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