Observation #1: Dell Studio 16 XPS

I decided to do a quick observation/evaluation on my laptop because I’ve had it for almost a year now and I’m just now coming to know it better. When I first got this laptop from the Dell website, I was a little misguided with what to expect from a laptop. Until I purchased this one, I had only interacted with my desktop, which I custom built, so I was extremely attuned to high speed and power to handle just about anything I threw at it. I designed my studio laptop hoping it could be a similar powerhouse(but mobile).

The first thing that drew me to the laptop, aside from the fact that Dell has a great reputation for electronic goods such as this, was the design of it. It’s a very visually appealing laptop with a simple, modern design. The screen is 16 inches at a 1920×1080 resolution. I really liked how the keyboard was laid out with the simple media keys that are ‘touch sensitive’ laid out at the top. There is also a webcam built into the monitor.

During my interactions in the beginning with this laptop, I was a bit frustrated with it because unhappy with its performance in games. After an amount of time, I came to realize it was my fault as the user for trying to run high graphics games on a 1920×1080 resolution with a laptop. I should have realized the constraints of such a device and not expect desktop performance from it. Now, if I just lower the resolution in games and the visual settings, it performs quite well. I also had to learn to turn down some of the frivolous theme and appearance settings on the desktop and wound up almost tripling the battery life when unplugged from the battery source. Once I figured that out, I became much more fond of my laptop. I had to realize how to take care of it and what to expect from it to really get the most out of this studio xps laptop. Since then, my interactions with it have been much more rewarding.

Studio 16 XPS Laptop

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