Short Assignment #3: Paper Clips and Product Slips

The first part of this assignment was an exercise in brainstorming. The instructions were to come up with at least 50 uses for the paperclip (other than being a paperclip of course) and jot them down. I found this to be a fairly easy, but freeing exercise in coming up with ideas quickly. My goal was to write down any idea that came to mind, unedited. The following is the list I came up with.

Paperclip Users

The second part of the assignment involved finding a household, hand-held item and evaluated it, then re-design it. I chose the very common, very standard key ring.

Key Design

My problems with the key ring included a lack of organization, consistency, and efficiency. There is no organized system when using a key ring and a user cannot efficiently find the proper key they want to use each time. Here were some loose sketches I created as a redesign for the key ring…

Key Redesign

This system will have clearly labeled slots for each key, and modular capabilities to easily put the keys in and take them out when needed, like when the user needs to use car keys. Also, using this new invention, users will be able to find the correct key more consistently and with much more ease.


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