Short Assignment #1: Toy Cars

Cars from Childhood

When asked to bring in a toy car in the first week of class, most students automatically thought of Hot Wheels or their RC cars. However, my first thoughts of playing with toy cars were these NASCAR miniature collectibles that my father bought for my brother and I when we were little. Unlike most toy cars that involve being pushed around, usually on the nice hardwood floors, and being launched off of every possible ramp, jump, and gap you can find in the house. These little NASCAR miniatures were treated very differently. My dad actually took the time to create precise, grid-like tracks on sheets of poster board for us to race the cars on. We would then organize the cars onto the track like the beginning of a typical NASCAR race and roll the dice to move them from space to space until a winner crossed the finish line.

It’s interesting to reflect on this experience I had with toy cars now because it was a very unique experience from the norm. My idea of playing with toy cars was more in the sense of an organized board game rather than using imagination to drive one around the house (though I did do this when I was young as well). Though I did experience toy cars in that manner as well, my emotional attachment to these NASCAR miniatures through the unique experience and relationship with my father made for a longer lasting memory.


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